Welcome to Primadonna Pieces, the place for all your Stylish Party Planning needs. 

I started Primadonna Pieces in 2007. Initially it was an online accessory boutique geared specifically towards girls with over-the-top accessories to go with their outfits. My goal was to provide high quality products at fair prices that customers would love and appreciate. But my heart and passion weren’t in it. My husband and I moved to Seattle, Washington in 2014. After some serious heartache with the loss of family members on both sides, we wanted a change of environment. Growing up in South Philly taught us everything and more, but we both knew there was more to life than living in South Philly and we started our journey.

Fast forward to 2016, two years down in Seattle, and I still refused to give up my creative side. I always wanted to own my own store with options for party supplies, cards and more. That is all I talked about for a really long time. A friend of mine asked me to design a birth announcement for her and I loved doing it and loved her reaction even more when she saw it. That moment is when Primadonna Pieces was reborn. Our specialty now is Party Decorations, Supplies and Printable Art. We are always thinking of ways to recreate the wheel and bring something different to our customers. We strive for perfection on a daily basis and love being a part of your special events throughout the years.

We have dedicated a lot of time, effort and sweat to bring you the highest quality party decorations around. We have fast turn-around time and we make every effort to ensure prompt professional service and delivery to each and every customer.

Thanks for shopping with us.